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The long arm of Karma…

… or “The Law,” whichever you prefer…. Sometimes, Karma requires the efforts of really dedicated law enforcement personnel.

A few weeks ago, my personal belief in a watered-down “Western” kind of Karma was again reinforced by news that a particularly well-deserving high-tech manager (and probable “psychopath” :-) ) in Silicon Valley had (finally) been “canned” (definition 2 for the transitive verb) Ahhhh…. feels good. This kind of event cannot happen frequently enough! :-) I, for one, am willing to “wait out” the required number of years, if only I can hear about it!

Even the California Legislature’s coming pay cuts, and Microsoft’s Window’s Mobile market share reinforce my belief. :-)

TODAY, I learned of the really important arrest of two men linked to the terror attacks in Mumbai last year, in the northern Italy town of Brescia. You may recall that the attacks in Mumbai, India lasted four days, involved the takeover of several hotels and a Jewish center, and resulted in the deaths of 160 people.

On November 25, 2008, the day before the terrorist attacks, the two men arrested in Italy allegedly transferred $229 that was used to activate Internet phone lines used by the suspects. Two other men connected with the money-transfer agency in Brescia were arrested for other illegal activity, and Italian police are searching for a fifth man.

Indian authorities and the American FBI had alerted Italian police that funds had been transferred from Italy. According to CNN, citing a police statement, authorities suspected the Italian agency after money was transferred under the Muslim name of a man who had never entered Italy.

Nine of the 10 Pakistanis involved in the terrorist attack in Mumbai were killed during the attacks. The lone surviving suspect has linked the shooting and bombing incidents in Mumbai to the leader of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Tayyiba, a militant group banned in India, according to CNN.

(Note added November 25, 2009: In a related article today, seven suspects were charged in connection with the Mumbai attacks.)

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