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Google looking at buying Yahoo! ?

Well, I’d rather see THEM do it than Alibaba!

CNET’s Edward Moyer cites The Wall Street Journal article’s comments that Google has talked to two private-equity firms about helping them finance a deal to buy Yahoo!’s core business. The Journal, in turn, cites “a person familiar with the matter.” :-) Although the talks are reported to be in the early stages, and Google may not end up pursuing the deal, the thought of two of the Web’s giants (and SEARCH giants, at THAT!) joining together is intriguing!

Yahoo!’s Chairman of the Board recently fired CEO Carol Bartz (over the phone :-) ), and its board has been widely criticized, even by the company’s biggest shareholders. A leaked email from Jerry Yang that was obtained by Silicon Alley Insider stated, in part:

“Our advisers are working with us to develop ideas that we will pursue proactively. At the same time, they are fielding inquiries from multiple parties that have already expressed interest in a number of potential options. We will take the time we need to select and structure the best approach for the company, its shareholders and employees.”

Thus, at least parts of Yahoo! seem to be on the selling block. Yahoo! could have sold itself to Microsoft for big bucks, of course, but Steve Ballmer now thanks his lucky stars that the deal did not go through! Personally, I am glad that the deal did not go through, too (it may have led to additional competent employees working for Microsoft), although I do not believe that Microsoft would have handled the “assimilation” competently, if it had! The resurrection of Microsoft buyout rumors and the Carol Bartz ouster combined with better-than-expected third-quarter results to raise Yahoo!’s outlook.

Other reported potential buyers include AOL (good luck! :-) ) and venture capitalist Andreesen Horowitz.

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