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CA Legislature keeps voting ’til they get it WRONG!

It is the last day of the legislative session at the State Capitol in Sacramento. (Say “Halleluah!”) :-)

No, the California Legislature has still not passed a budget! Which is over 50 days overdue….

However, the Legislature has WASTED TIME taking SEVEN votes (SO FAR!) on AB1810 (which would require long gun [rifle and shotgun] registration and AB1934 (which would criminalize the “open” [unconcealed] carrying of UNLOADED handguns).

The two bills FAILED SEVEN VOTES, but the State Legislature keeps putting the bills “ON CALL” so they can bring them up at any time (once they have “twisted enough arms”). (Note added later August 31, 2010: I’ve tried hard to remember state legislators doing this [multiple votes] in other states in which I’ve lived, and I’ve come up “empty.” If anyone lives in another state in which legislators do this, please let me know!)

All this after two recent U.S. Supreme Court Decisions, that latter of which stated that “The Second Amendment provides Americans a fundamental right to bear arms that cannot be violated by state and local governments….

Those who value their Second Amendment Rights can call and thank the Republicans and the following Democrats for opposing AB1810: Correa, Ducheny, Florez, Negrete McLeod, and Wright

(I’ll thank them publicly RIGHT HERE!)

and ask Florez and Ducheny to VOTE NO on AB1934.

Please CALL [Phone: (916) 651-4032] and FAX [(916) 445-0128] Senator Gloria Negrete McLeod, and thank her for her votes and politely ask her to continue to oppose these bills.

Remind ALL Legislators to VOTE NO on AB2358.

(Note added September 3, 2010: See below.)

In California, oftentimes we don’t have to worry about terrorists or foreign governments. Sometimes the greatest threats to our liberties work in Sacramento, much closer to home.

(Note added even later on August 31, 2010: As expected today, the extremist Republicans and the extremist Democrats in the California Legislature each proposed a budget today, neither of which passed. The two parties are roughly $4 billion apart. News media reported that this year may break the record for the longest time without a budget, past the deadline. The left-leaning TV media in the Bay Area made no mention of all of the legislative time wasted on issues like those above.)

(Note added September 2, 2010: Some of you will be DELIGHTED by some news that I received from a state representative in Sacramento; others of you will be INCENSED that you have been unable to strip people of their Constitutional Rights until another “goofy” California law is reversed by judges on appeal. :-)

“FAILED: AB 1810, which would require California residents to register their shotguns and rifles in addition to their handguns, and would require law enforcement to permanently keep records of anyone who buys a gun from a dealer or an individual.

Though this bill passed out of the Assembly, the Senate failed to gain enough votes of support before the 12:00am deadline.

More Information:

FAILED: AB 1934, which would make it an offense to carry firearms openly in holsters.

This bill went through many revisions. Though it initially passed out of the Assembly and then the Senate with amendments, the Assembly failed to approve these amendments before the 12:00am deadline.

More Information:

FAILED: AB 2223, which would prohibit the possession or use of any shotgun shell loaded with anything other than nontoxic shot when hunting.

This bill passed through the Assembly but failed to get through the Senate Natural Resources and Water Committee.”

If you read the Sacramento Bee article about AB 1934, you find out that EVEN the “Tyranny of the Majority” doesn’t work if the Majority is incompetent. :-) All the better for those of us who cherish our Constitutional Rights and for the representatives who abide by their oath of office and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

And YOU thought that the California Legislature was working on a BUDGET! You really should KNOW better by now! 😉 The “Amazing California Debt Meter” is spinning at over $3 billion right now! )

(Note added September 4, 2010: I received another message yesterday with this information about AB2358:

“AB 2358 (AB962 expansion) FAILED the final vote on the Senate Floor today 20 Yes. – 17 No.”

It was a “clean sweep” this session, with ALL of the anti-Second Amendment legislation defeated. Thanks go out to those who acted to defend their liberties. Don’t worry though. This is California! You will get another chance to defend them AGAIN during the next legislative session, and the State Legislature is sure to resurrect the defeated bills.)

-Bill at

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