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Mission San José

Mission San Jose 

Mission San José is not located in the city of San Jose; it is located in Fremont. The interior of Mission San Jose is kept quite dark – a tripod is definitely necessary for photography, since flash photography is not permitted. The interior is quite beautiful, and worth the experimenting with exposure values. Among the features of the interior are the main altar, a side altar in the rear, a baptismal fontan organ loft, and the grave of Robert Livermore, for whom the city of Livermore is named. Outside, on the south side, is a garden and fountain. On the north side is a cemetery, with stones engraved with names quite familiar in the Bay Area, the Bernal family, for example.

Today, Mission San José is a parish church of the Diocese of Oakland. There is also a museum that is open daily. The Mission is definitely worth a visit, but remember to bring your tripod if you plan to photograph the interior.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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