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Capitola is a city in Santa Cruz County, on the coast of Monterey Bay. According to the Wikipedia article on Capitola cited above, Capitola is the oldest beach resort on the West Coast.

Capitola has many shops and restaurants, which are popular with tourists. The shops and restaurants have direct access to a fishing wharf and a large, sandy beachVacation rentals are located nearby, for those who would prefer an extended stay.

In 1961, hundreds of seabirds affected by the domoic acid produced by certain red algae and diatoms attacked Capitola. Alfred Hitchcock, who was a frequent visitor to nearby Santa Cruz, read about the incident, which then served as an inspiration for his movie, “The Birds.” The movie was filmed farther north, in Bodega Bay, as mentioned in an earlier blog entry  on abalone diving.

I have enjoyed all of my visits to Capitola, and whenever I have mentioned the town to others, it has invoked a fond memory in them. Capitola makes a great getaway, whether for an ice cream cone, a meal, a day at the beach, or a longer stay.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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