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Another California secret…

Livermore vines, October

I have written about the Point Bonita Lighthouse, which has been described as a “secret jewel” of the Bay Area. Other “secrets” might be the nearby retired Nike Missile installations on the Marin Headlands (which can be toured), Battery Chamberlain, Jewel Lake (in Tilden Park), and the Lily Pond (with Tree Ferns nearby) in Golden Gate Park.

Today’s secret is even bigger! Today’s secret is that October is one of the “best” months (depending upon what you like) to visit California! (I am only giving away this “secret” because it is a “win-win” for both the California tourist industry and the tourists themselves!) :-)

I have written about the microclimates of the Bay Area, and I provided travelers with hyperlinks to sites that can help them plan their trips. I have also written about high pressure areas that can make Bay Area weather (and much of the rest of California’s weather) just gorgeous in the fall! I have also written how changeable (by California standards 😉 ) weather can be at that time of year. Nonetheless, October can be a wonderful month, whether in the vineyards or at outdoor weddings (many weddings and other outdoor activities are planned for October, unknown to the folks who are starting to shiver in other parts of the United States during that month).

October’s weather in California can be fog-free at the coast (in contrast to June-July) with cool nights and warm to hot temperatures during the day, depending on the location. For example, the nights around here this week have been in the 50s-60s deg F (around 10-16 deg C) and the days in the 60s-upper 80s deg F (around 16-31 deg C). In addition, as the result of the recent extension of Daylight Savings Time, we have more daylight with which to enjoy our days!

So, if you can, why not come to visit us in October? We have trees with “fall color” here, as well as new flower blooms! And October can be one of the best beach months of the year….

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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