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Steve Fossett crash update

A bone fragment from the site where Steve Fossett’s crashed plane was found will be tested to determine whether it came from a human, according to a Madera County sheriff’s spokesperson. (Note added on November 03, 2008: See this follow-up entry.) The weather forecast for the crash site at 10,000 feet (3048m), near Mammoth Lakes, was for two feet (0.61 m) of snow. The rain that I had waited for yesterday in the Bay Area (it came!) gave rise to a winter storm warning in the mountains this weekend! For example, the road status web page for Yosemite gives a phone number (209-372-0200 [press 1 then 1]) for current road conditions in the park. Travel in the mountains from October through winter is often “iffy” to impossible.

Meanwhile, the many pieces of Fossett‘s aircraft that were strewn over the crash site have been transported to a secure site in Sacramento for reassembly, in an attempt to look for any potential mechanical contributions to what is believed to be a high-speed, nearly horizontal crash.

Fossett was a billionaire from his work in the financial services industry and became the first person to circumnavigate the earth solo in a balloon and the first to fly a plane around the world solo without refueling. He also set other world records in round-the-world sailing and cross-country skiing.

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