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Dream on!

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has launched a Web site in support of her candidacy for the 2010 U.S. Senate race, against Barbara Boxer. The Web site has been bashed and ridiculed by Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, alike!

“It’s Day and Night,” the bright red (Hey, I like the color red, but you could go blind on this site!) Web site reads. “It’s Dogs and Cats. It’s Good and Bad. <No. It’s UGLY.> It’s Carly vs. Boxer.” The Flash animation ends with the pun “carlyfornia dreamin’.” (Mama Cass Elliot is “spinning in her grave.”)

Dream on!

(California is a BIG state. Can’t we do better than Carly Fiorina vs. Barbara Boxer, on EITHER side? :-) )

The Huffinton Post called Fiorina’s site, “…the most insufferable thing she’s ever done in her life” (which takes in a lot of turf). :-) Of course, hyperbole goes with politics.

Some bloggers have criticized the site for its lack of technical sophistication. :-) One of the people who made such a criticism has a “text-overburdened” home page with too many links that continues to scroll MUCH further than it should (it should not scroll at all)! I suppose that Republicans who run for Senate can scrounge up a little bit of money for design, though… maybe by contacting some oil companies.

A YouTube video that mocks the Web site had been viewed 16,505 times, before I just looked!

The most significant criticism leveled against the site has been the lack of “substance.” A spokesperson for Fiorina said that the new site is a “splash page only and is part of her exploratory effort,” which sounds like the best face that someone could put on the situation.

Check out the site and YouTube and decide for yourself!

(Note added September 24, 2009: You might like to see this YouTube video of a Carly Fiorina interview on the subject of “offshoring.” I wonder whether she agrees with the Harvard Business School folks who published estimates that up to 42% of U.S. jobs could be offshored.)

Ah, California….

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