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California unemployment in May: 11.5%

California unemployment, which was up to 11.2% in March, down a little bit to 11.0% in April, rose to 11.5% in May (PDF), a new high for this recession. The April unemployment was revised upward to 11.1% in the new report. In May or 2008, the unemployment rate was 6.8%. Nonfarm payroll jobs declined by 68,900 during the month of May, according to data from the California Employment Development Department (EDD) from two separate surveys. The year-over-year change in California jobs (May 2008 to May 2009) shows a decrease in 739,500 jobs, down 4.9%. The year-over-year change in unemployment was UP by 885,000.

The U.S. unemployment rate also increased in May, to 9.4%.

I watched a newscast in which a gentleman had retrained to be a truck driver. The newscast stated that jobs are always being destroyed and always being created.

The question that always comes to my mind is, “Do the people who are destroying and creating the jobs have any idea what they are doing?” :-)

I have the answer for myself. You need to find your own answer.

(The howl of fire engines just went past. Lawrence Livermore Lab‘s Site 300 top-secret weapons-testing area is on fire (300+ acre grassfire). The site is in the Altamont between Tesla Road-Corral (Newscasters and locals, this is pronounced “core al’ ” with the accent on the second syllable – they keep horses in these; the marine invertebrate is spelled “coral” with a single “r” The links to Merriam-Webster online have little buttons to press to hear the pronunciations. :-) ) Hollow Road and I-580.)

Back to unemployment –

Ten industry categories “(natural resources and mining; construction; manufacturing; trade, transportation and utilities; information; financial activities; professional and business services; leisure and hospitality; other services; and government)” posted job declines over the year.

One industry division, educationa and health services, posted job gains over the year, adding 23,300 jobs (a 1.4% increase).

See the EDD report for even more detailed statistics.

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