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Two from Tech

The King is dead…long live the King. C/NET reports that after 13 years, Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest man. Mr. Gates slipped to 3rd behind Warren Buffet and Carlos Slim.

Also, C/NET, not particularly known for its objectivity with regards to Apple® products, has reviewed the Apple® MacBook Pro 20008 Edition. The reviewer would really like to be condescending, but cannot find anything substantial to criticize! I really count on C/NET for its broad and generally wonderful coverage of the wide world of tech, but have come to expect an odd bias with regard to Apple® (or maybe it is just “reader-baiting”). :-) The laptop got an “Excellent” rating, BTW, with a score of 8.2 out of 10. The tested laptop had a standard cpu speed and the standard 2 GB of RAM. I usually count on Macworld for more thorough reviews, but enjoy C/NET’s viewpoint. :-) As for C/NET’s desire for an SD card slot in the laptop(s), I guess that I just don’t see it – card readers that can accommodate a variety of card types abound (versatility vs. weight). As for C/NET’s comment that the laptop feels “bulky” in comparison to the MacBook Air, I would refer readers to the “horsepower” comparisons in C/NET’s “Performance” tables. I blogged briefly about this, because it should be obvious from the target markets. Different strokes for different folks… (I like substantial power with my strokes….)

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo 

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