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New laptops from Apple

Yesterday, I noticed that new MacBooks and MacBook Pros were released at Apple! I contacted a friend at Apple, who thanked me for bringing it to his attention! (Sometimes this secrecy thing can get out of hand!) :-)

Awhile ago, I blogged about the MacBook Air, and mentioned that, although it is a great machine for some, it does not meet my current needs for horsepower and screen territory. If the MacBook Air is a little “light” for you, :-) then you should really check out the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros at Apple’s site, especially if you don’t mind carrying a heavier laptop that has the horsepower to move it around!

When I went to a description of the new MacBook Pro yesterday, the two things that I did were to:

  • – price an optimal configuration for me (at the Apple Store online) balancing cpu speed, price, disk I/O and capacity, RAM (’cause you NEVER have enough RAM, especially with a variety of Unix, and some of Adobe‘s applications), screen type and reflectivity :-) , potential uses, and extended warranty coverage (this machine will move around a lot, after all).
  • – visit the technical specifications page.

I admit that I did not look at the MacBook at all, and that my needs may not be those of “mostpeople” (see e.e. cummings for a discussion of “mostpeople“), but they may be similar to YOUR needs. As I have time, I will continue to research the MacBook Pro on Apple’s pages, and read reviews and comparisons. I tend to build pretty expensive computers when I order, and I have been waiting, with money in hand, for over 3 years for my laptop purchase (core 2 duo, accompanying chipset, graphics chip, and certain things done in hardware rather than software). I cannot afford to buy a computer every year, or every other year (if anybody out there wants to *change* that, please let me know :-) ), so I try to pick optimal configurations. (I say the preceding with a partial understanding of Intel’s upcoming chip schedule.) The timing is never perfect, I just try for the best.

Check out Apple’s new laptops – there may be one for you!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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