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Water rationing near?

The California Department of Water Resources reports that the snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is about 61% of its usual depth across the 400-mile (643.7-km) mountain range. Snow levels were 49% of normal in the northern Sierra, about 63% of normal in the central region, and 68% of normal in the southern Sierra. The department has urged immediate water conservation.

In the North Bay, there will be a Monday (February 2, 2009) news conference to warn that mandatory water rationing of up to 50% may be only weeks away. Sonoma County has received only 6.5 inches (16.5 cm) of rain this year. At this time last year, which was ALSO dry, the region had received 16 inches (40.6 cm) of rain.

Customers in North Bay counties face potential mandatory water rationing of 30-50%.

(Note added February 7, 2009: I should mention that, even in my own neighborhood, there are folks who water their lawns DAILY in the winter [the season when it rains]! These are well-educated folks who should know better. My front lawn, which has not been watered this winter [except once during the 10-day warm and dry spell] is doing fine with rains, fog, and cooler temperatures. I personally believe that folks don’t always examine their lives and practices to make them consistent with the beliefs that they claim. Some folks won’t understand the situation until the city or state turns off their main water valve.)

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