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ArtWalk 2011 Livermore on Saturday, October 8

Probably TODAY, by the time that most of you read this!

A “friendly cross between an arts festival and an exhibition tour,” ArtWalk 2011 will take over the center of downtown Livermore on Saturday, with a wonderful collection and variety of art! Cheshire Cat Photo wouldn’t miss it! We’ll be at Mills Square Park, at the corner of 1st Street and South Livermore!

This year, events are consolidated in Livermore’s downtown “pocket parks” and other locations (shown on this downloadable PDF map). Also on the map are the locations of LIVE music, a wine and beverage bar, the Art Banner Auctions (of all of those handcrafted banners that have been hanging downtown for a month), and the location of free Children’s Art and Crafts at the Lizzie Fountain (just ask ANYBODY)!

New this year are demonstrations so that you can experience art in the making, including a 10th Anniversary GraffitiArt exhibit (an interactive art exhibit) produced by City of Livermore Art Commissioner Arthur Barinque, 3-year Lead Art Director for the City of Livermore’s “Pathways to Picasso” program.

The ArtWalk 2011 Web site also has galleries of representative art arranged by the last name of the artist (“H” for William Hackett of Cheshire Cat Photo).

ArtWalk 2011 runs from 11 AM until 5 PM, so don’t be late! There will be plenty to see. Proceeds from ArtWalk benefit the Bothwell Arts Center, which in turn benefits performers, musicians, artists, dancers, students, and teachers of the arts with affordable working space.

ArtWalk always presents an opportunity to find affordable art without high gallery markups, by working directly with the artist. ArtWalk also provides a wonderful opportunity to do some holiday shopping for unique, handmade gifts!

We hope to see you local folks there!

-Bill at

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