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Scott McNealy launches startup: Wayin

Last night, in the super-affluent residential community of Portola Valley, California, Scott McNealy, former CEO of Sun Microsystems, launched a real-time Internet polling and advertising business called Wayin at his home. Wayin is also described as a “game system” that can aggregate public sentiment on a broad variety of topics. (No, it was not Scott’s idea.) Wayin is also an advertising business because perhaps one poll question in 30 will be posed by PAYING customers who really want to know what you think – at least for the moment.

Wayin is built upon the premise (a good one) that people who have strong feelings about such things as sports teams (instead of, for example, REALLY important things :-) ) will want to “weigh in” on them and say how they feel about someone or something. Who knows? Maybe Wayin will ask about IMPORTANT things, too! (But I wouldn’t count on it….)

Wayin is based in Denver, CO and has 35 people. (Hey, maybe they can hire some of  those former Sun employees who moved to Colorado to keep their jobs! :-) ) The CEO is Tom Jessiman. Wayin is available on iOS, Android, the Web, Facebook, and Twitter. Users will earn points for each vote they cast, and Wayin will have leaderboards to recognize the top participants. Imagine the additional, potentially productive, hours wasted! :-) Most of the hours wasted will probably be by management folks who would have wasted them anyway, so little harm done! 😉

Wayin has raised $6 million, without venture capital, and expects to raise its B round of funding soon.

So long as many people still believe things like:

“Attitude is as important as ability.”


“It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO(M) you know!” the world is unlikely to change.

Just remember the lessons of Sun Microsystems (probably still unlearned by most of its former management), now Oracle Corporation. :-)

-Bill at

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