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iPads to connect DIRECTLY to Verizon network

Sure, you saw it coming, …

but when will it happen? (And what will it have “under the hood…?”)

Mashable reports through CNN that Apple’s iPad, which has been marketed by Verizon for awhile, will soon be able to connect DIRECTLY to Verizon’s network without needing a “MiFi” device. Since October 2010, iPads have been able to connect to Verizon‘s network with a MiFi device when (“regular”) WiFi was not present. According to the Mashable article, costs were comparable with AT&T”s, and data plans were reportedly BETTER with Verizon.

iPads with the integrated Verizon chips will be coming soon. Want to bet that “soon” will be this spring with the iPad 2 release(s) in (approximately) April (dates have not been announced)? :-)

Mashable’s big question (and MINE! 😉 ) is, “Will iPads with integrated Verizon chips be able to connect to Verizon’s 4G LTE network as WELL as its 3G network?” If so, such an iPad (or such iPads) would be able to compete directly with the Motorola Xoom announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

We shall see. :-)

-Bill at

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