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And “the worst [wireless] carrier” is…

…AT&T, according to customer satisfaction rating in a Consumer Reports survey released today! AT&T’s customer satisfaction rating dropped this year (the ONLY wireless network with scores that dropped “significantly” from last year), and AT&T…

…received the worst possible rating in eight of the nine categories the magazine studied, including overall value, voice service, data service, phone support, staff knowledge, and resolution of issues, among others. Readers gave AT&T an overall score of just 60 out of 100, which is six points below its score a year ago and nine points below its nearest-ranked competitor, T-Mobile.

Over half of the AT&T customers in the survey owned an iPhone. The iPhone owners were “much less satisfied” with AT&T than were owners of other smartphones with their respective carriers.

iPhone owners were particularly dissatisfied with AT&T’s data service.

AT&T quickly pointed out that independent tests concluded that AT&T’s mobile broadband is 20% faster than its nearest competitor and 60% faster than Verizon Wireless.

I don’t recall hearing anything about “faster.” :-)

I would have to quickly point out that, in my experience, certain Myers Briggs personality types don’t always hear and understand what you are telling them right away. :-) AT&T’s major precursor company was my SOLE customer at one of my high tech positions. A conflict with many iPhone owners was probably inevitable, on the basis of personality type alone.

AT&T added 2.6 million new wireless customers last quarter, far more additions than any of its competitors. Half of those added own iPhones.

Yes, it’s a great phone with great apps (applications) and the highest customer satisfaction. And AT&T was “the only game in town” in the U.S…..

AT&T is about to lose its “iPhone exclusivity” at the end of the year according to Fortune and other news outlets, and Verison will reportedly start selling iPhones in early 2011. I wrote a blog entry back in August about the large CDMA chipset order that Apple reportedly placed with Qualcomm for a December production run. A forecast by Drake Johnstone, a Davenport & Co. analyst predicted that…

…as many as 6 million of AT&T’s iPhone subscribers could defect to Verizon….

(Note added December 26, 2010: But let’s not forget those nasty new “early termination fees” introduced by AT&T this year…. :-) )

The CNN Money article also reports good news for Sprint Nextel and the regional carrier, U.S. Cellular.

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