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“Go tell it on the mountain….”

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack! :-)

Oakley resident, Art Mijares, after failing to change the name of Mount Diablo (the point of creation, to the Miwok and Ohlone peoples) to a name that honored Native Americans during an appeal to the U.S. Board of Geographic Names in 2005, now wants to change the name of the mountain to “Mount Reagan.” (“Diablo” is Spanish for “devil.”)

The legislative subcommittee of the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors will consider the proposed name change and whether the county should offer the federal board a formal opinion. They must be lacking entertainment in Contra Costa County…. :-)

There is currently a Mount Reagan in New Hampshire, but that has never stopped anybody before. :-)

I don’t think that I would necessarily agree, but there must be some folks in the Bay Area who would find this a case of merely having to choose the lesser of two evils. :-)

(Note added February 24, 2010: In another “triumph of reason,” Contra Costa County officials are now drafting a letter to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names OPPOSING efforts to change the name of Mt. Diablo. The Board of Supervisors voted UNANIMOUSLY Tuesday against two requests to rename the 3,849-foot peak, partially as the result of a groundswell of local opposition. :-) Arthur Mijares, a devout Christian, had filed paperwork with the federal board to change Mt. Diablo to Mt. Reagan. (A separate request suggested changing the name to Mount John Muir.) The letter will go out on Friday and convey the sentiment that supervisors “were saying no to any name changes that come up.” The feds will address the issue at a later date.

While this may, in fact, represent the triumph of reason in government in California [an altogether too rare event], some might argue that is it simply a case of “choosing the devil you know….”) :-)

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