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East Bay Parks

The East Bay Regional Park District (of the San Francisco Bay Area) operates 65 parks covering over 97,000 acres. Maps that show the locations of these parks are present on the East Bay Regional Parks Web pages. When you think about how many people live in the Bay Area, the number and sizes of the parks become truly remarkable (and probably necessary :-) ).

Although I have visited a number of the parks, a quick review of the maps shows me parks nearby, of which I have been unaware (e.g., the Vasco Caves Regional Preserve)! Then when I read further, I understand why: “Though ancient, the Preserve’s resources are extraordinarily fragile, and exist today because of the land’s isolation and past efforts to keep it secret.” Furthermore, “The Preserve is not open to general public access in order to protect the Reserve’s unique resources. The guided tours stage from Round Valley Regional Preserve in Brentwood or Brushy Peak Regional Preserve in Livermore aboard District-provided bus transportation. There is a fee.”

Then there are some other unexplored (by me) parks that beckon, which are linked by the Ohlone Wilderness Trail. I do not know if and when I shall hike this trail, but I really want do the trek from Lake Del Valle (Del Valle Regional Park, I’ve been to this one) in Livemore through the Ohlone Regional Wilderness and the Sunol Regional Wilderness to the Mission Peak Regional Preserve in Fremont.These parks offer “experiences as diverse as the land itself,” according to the main Web site page.

I am just glad that I have them nearby to photograph.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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