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Rock and Roll…

We just experienced a moderate earthquake (estimated magnitude 5.6) in the Bay Area. In Livermore, our house groaned and moved for about 30 seconds and a large chandelier kept swinging long after that. There was no real damage to our home or possessions.

Since I have the USGS earthquake page bookmarked in Safari, I filled out a “Did you feel it?” report and emailed it to USGS.

I have been emailing with a friend in Oakland and comparing notes. This quake lasted a relatively long time. The TV says that the quake was on the Calaveras Fault.

TV news has been following the quake pretty well.

All in all, coming from the Mid-West, I prefer earthquakes to tornadoes, but both can be deadly at close range. Don’t get me wrong; we have tornadoes here too, but they are rare.

Fires and quakes, on the other hand, are part of California’s natural rhythms.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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