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UC Board of Regents raises UC tuition 32%, for a start!

And the “crowd goes wild,” but not in support….

At this point, the reputation of the UC Board of Regents might rank even lower than that of the California State Legislature (overwhelmingly Democratic, BTW), in an opinion poll. :-)

According to a CNN reporter at UCLA in a video on the site linked above, the increase would be $585 more next semester for tuition ALONE (not including housing, fees, books, etc.). According to the CNN article, tuition will increase ANOTHER $1344 next fall semester.

Some faculty members and campus workers joined the students, because they are worried about the furloughs and layoffs yet to come. A UCLA professor told reporters about the 9-10% salary cut that he has already taken as the result of mandatory furloughs.

About 50 angry students at UC Davis refused to leave the school’s administration building this evening at 5PM PST. At one time, 150 students were in the building protesting the tuition increase.

At UCLA, one sign read, “Education only for the rich.” It looks like some students may have figured it out! :-)

The Regents promise of more aid to low-income students will do nothing to aid middle-income students who do not qualify for support. CNN talked to one UCLA senior whose parents earn $40,000/year and who has 3 other siblings, who cannot get aid because she is “middle-income.” The student is working two jobs and may have to add a third to continue her education. She was arrested and cited because police saw her using a radio to speak with other protesters. Police took her radio and cell phone.

Police abhor radios and cell phones. In my own college days, I observed that police REALLY hate CAMERAS, not for their own use, but for use by others documenting the facts. Since cameras are omnipresent in cell phones now, it must drive them nuts. :-)

You can read the CNN article for Board of Regents’ claims of where the increased tuition money will go. I did not believe it, myself. I am still trying to find out where state taxes and lottery money go. :-)

At UC Berkeley, where 1000 protesters demonstrated yesterday, demonstrations were light today.

The California State Legislature cut the University of California system’s budget by 20% earlier this year.

I noticed that someone searched my site for photos of the “California State Legislature at work.” Good luck! :-) Those must be very rare photos, indeed! (… and when they DO work, it is behind closed doors with a gag order and a media blackout.)

(Note added November 21, 2009: Protests of the University of California tuition increases are continuing on UC campuses. At a time when low-income and middle-income families have been pushed to the edge by the recession and incompetent state government [a temporary 1/2 per cent sales tax increase in my county has raised the sales tax here to 9.75%, the highest county in the state, though some CITIES are even higher!], I believe that such protests are likely to continue for some time.)

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