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Facebook groups hijacked by the hundreds!

Now that I have your attention…. :-)

An organization called “Control Your Info,” which says that it comes in peace, has hijacked hundreds of Facebook groups. Their stated mission is to highlight a flaw in the way that Facebook handles the administration of groups.

When the administrator of a group “steps down,” there is a power vacuum at the top that ANYONE can step in to fill! The administrator can then VIEW the personal information of members of the group and CHANGE group information to say whatever s/he wants!

Contol Your Info wants to bring that capability and practice to everyone’s attention.

Janis Roukkos, who is a representative from Control Your Info, said that the organization will restore the group names (which it changed!) and leave the groups by the end of next week. He also promised not to “mess anything up.” Each of the groups whose names have been changed to “Control Your Info” has a message from a different representative.

Control Your Info used quick Google searches to find Facebook groups from which administrators had left. Administrators can change the names of groups without notifying members, email all members of the group, and edit information. Control Your Info says that it is strictly not for profit and has performed the hijacking for a good cause.

Facebook did not immediately respond to CNET’s request for comment.

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