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Fire statistics and good news

This page gives a California statewide overview of fire statistics and links to download the latest fact sheet (PDF) and latest statewide map (PDF).

First the bad news for Calfornia. The number of total fires at the peak was 1781. The total number of acres burned so far is 839,343 acres, which, according to KTVU TV news tonight is an all-time record for the state of California. Some 27 homes were destroyed in by the Basin Complex fire in Big Sur region. In the BTU Lightning fire in Butte County, 50 homes were destroyed. (Note on July 20: The last figure that I heard on TV news, a few days ago, was 80 homes destroyed in the Butte County fire.)

Now, there is some good news. As of July 13 at 7:30 AM, there were 288 active fires in California, and 1493 fires have been contained. Within the last two days, Highway 1 has reopened through Big Sur, and businesses are starting to reopen. The Basin Complex fire in the Big Sur region is 65% contained, according to KTVU tonight, versus 61% contained on the interactive map page with yesterday’s data.

Some additional statistics for California firefighting to date include:

  • 21,225 personnel committed
  • 1513 fire engines
  • 482 hand crews
  • 227 bulldozers
  • 391 water tenders
  • 120 helicopters

Although there are still active fires and months of fire season ahead, the firefighters and support staff engaged in fighting California’s fires should be commended and thanked for an outstanding job accomplished so far.

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