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Livermore Art Association/Pleasanton Art League June Meeting

Tonight’s combined meeting of the Livermore Art Association (LAA) and the Pleasanton Art League (PAL) featured Denise Oyama Miller demonstrating a technique for pouring paint onto watercolor paper to achieve a beautiful glow and to obtain interesting transparent color mixtures.

Denise has worked with this technique for over 15 years and has worked in textiles for over 30 years. Of interest to me (because of my high-tech background) is the fact that she was a VP of Information Technology at a VERY large health care firm, prior to her retirement in 2000. Since her retirement, she has devoted herself full-time to her art.

Although we did not get to see what must be a “magic moment” when masks are removed from the watercolor work, we DID get to see a little of the technique for the masking process and also the actual pouring technique.

Denise’s works have won many awards and have been included in many public and private collections. Her work can be seen at Alexander’s Fine Art in Pleasanton, Ohlone Arts in Fremont, and Gallery Concord in Concord, where she is a co-director of the gallery. Denise is a member of Artists 7, a women’s art group in northern California. She is also a member of the California Watercolor Association, Fremont Art Association, LAA, Amador Valley Quilters, and Studio Art Quilt Associates.

Denise shows a real passion for her watercolors, and although she seems to like control over some parts of the process, she clearly likes serendipity (something in which I also strongly believe) and enjoys the beautiful things that seem to happen on their own.

Tonight’s demonstration was both amazing and enjoyable! Thanks, Denise!

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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