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Summit Fire Update and (Hopefully) Wrapup

The Summit Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains was 100% contained last night and the fire is expected to be totally controlled by this Friday, as reported on KTVU TV news.

The Mercury News online states that:

4270 acres were consumed by the fire,

36 homes were reportedly destroyed (according to the above Merc News story) along with 18 outbuildings. Another Mercury News article reports 31 residences destroyed and 63 outbuildings, as reported by Cal Fire.

A KTVU article agrees with 31 homes destroyed. The KTVU article states that 12 firefighters were injured while combatting the blaze, and quotes Cal Fire spokesperson Guy Martin as giving the estimated “control date” and time as May 30 at 6 PM.

Evacuees are returning to their properties in stages, when clearances are given. Firefighters on the ground are looking for “hot spots” such as smoldering tree roots. At 11:30 PM on Tuesday, there were still 2600 firefighters engaged, but that number is expected to further decrease, now that the fire has been 100% contained.

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