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We’re in this Web together….

Golden Gate Bridge from Baker Beach

Several events today made me realize again just how much the Internet, and particularly the World Wide Web, has brought all of us closer together.

One event was meeting some children whose parents or ancestors came from different countries, all over the world. Another was thinking about the “web of life” in the biosphere, the interconnections of life forms on earth. Another was the reviewing of my Web site usage reports, which gives only generalized information about the locations of ISPs (Internet Service Providers), particularly a section on “Countries,” “Regions,” and “Cities.” I was delighted to see increased visits from the United Kingdom and Australia, and I was glad to see the continued visits from Canada, Germany, India, and of course Japan! I was ESPECIALLY happy to see the visits, sometimes only a few from each country, from people of MANY countries, all over the world, who seem to enjoy reading about California and seeing the photos. Please tell your friends about Cheshire Cat Photo. Thank you.

At the same time, I enjoy watching the “spread” of visitors from across the United States, even across the state of California. I hope that I am providing information (12) that Californians can use to smell the roses in their own “backyard” while I am helping others plan for (12) a trip to California (or providing a long-distance look at the Golden State).

My personal belief is that international communication is a “good” thing, and that by learning about each other, we may also learn to work on problems that face ALL of us on this planet, and that we may all learn to live in peace. Once again, it is ironic that an instrument (the Internet) that was forged to allow uninterrupted communication in times of war has become one of the greatest communication tools for survival, and for peace.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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