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Kiteboarding and windsurfing at Waddell Beach

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing near Waddell Beach 

Waddell Beach, across Highway 1 from Waddell Creek and Rancho del Oso (part of Big Basin Redwoods State Park) is known worldwide as “one of THE spots for windsurfing.” Apparently, it is known for kiteboarding as well! One day while traveling south on Highway 1, we came across an amazing scene of colored kites and multicolored waters and surf, and it looked like this at a distance.

According to the California State Parks site, the steady, strong northwest winds and good surf provide ideal conditions for windsurfing. The best windsurfers can launch from the crests of waves and complete full loops! Waddell Beach is not recommended for novice wind surfers. Regular surfersboogie boarders, and surf fishermen also like Waddell Beach. On land, six miles of Canyon Road along Waddell Creek provide a level path for bicyclists, even young ones. There are backpack trail camps and an equestrian trail camp that allows folks with reservations to camp overnight with their horses. The Theodore J. Hoover Natural Preserve, on the inland side of Highway 1, is great for birdwatching. A panorama of a ridge view of Waddell Beach and Rancho del Oso can be found here.

We stood mesmerized by the swirling patches of colored nylon (123) over the ever-changing colors of the surf. A motorcyclist stopped by me, wishing he had his camera. I wished that I had my motorcycle. :-)

You can’t have it all, but some days in California, you can come close.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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