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Got cash? … and fixing a hole

ATMs in Eastern Europe (Russia and the Ukraine) and elsewhere (early indications for the U.S.), all running Windows XP, have been found with malware that allows criminals to steal account information and PINs, and even empty the machines of cash!

Once the malware has been placed on the ATM for awhile, criminals can return to the machine with “trigger cards” to print out stolen account data or dispense all of its cash (up to $600,000). At least one of the compromised machines had malware installed on it as early as July 2007!

In the “fixing a hole” department, Microsoft will issue 6 critical updates and 4 others next Tuesday, fixing holes in Windows, IE, Word, Office, and Excel! A whole “raft” of Windows products are involved, and there are even fixes for Microsoft Office vulnerabilities on Macintosh!

The well-written, concise CNET article referenced above also describes some security fixes from Adobe on Tuesday.

Check out the CNET article for all of the systems affected!

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