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A pocketful of security articles…

CNET has a nice collection of articles today with a security bent:

1) Malware in a Maine-based supermarket chain led to the compromise of 4.2 million credit cards.

2) A million search queries have been “poisoned” by attackers using programming errors to “hijack” keyword searches at top Web sites. The attackers attempt to install malware.

3) A Windows Vista laptop fell to an Adobe Flash vulnerability due to relaxed rules. CNET was quick to point out that a MacBook Air had fallen previously as the result of an undisclosed Safari vulnerability. Good old CNET… :-)

4) And in a related article…Windows XP may get another reprieve (instead of the jail time that some say it truly deserves :-) ).

The good (for you security pros) and the bad (for everyone else) thing about security issues is that they never end.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™ 

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