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“The Golf Course Bandit” is a fox, indeed!


“The Golf Course Bandit” is a fox (yes, an actual, 4-legged fox) that has been STEALING items out of golf carts at the San Leandro Golf Club! Outdoor writer, Tom Stienstra posts in

“A young fox stole my driver head cover out of the cart,” <Charles> Lucke said. “I chased him for 40 yards or so, when he dropped it. He looked up at me as if to say, ‘That was a fun game, what do we play next?’”

A series of encounters similar to this have occurred at the Tony Lema Golf Course at Monarch Bay in San Leandro.

Lucke said he returned with his pocket camera to the course. Again, the fox sneaked up on him and staked out his golf court, apparently waiting for it to be left unattended, when the fox could then nab anything available. Instead, Lucke took an amazing series of photographs in which the fox looks something like a character out of a cartoon.

At the San Leandro Golf Club

The last five incidents include cell phones, a whiskey flask, a wallet and car keys. In the last case, the golfer chased the bandit fox into adjoining wetlands, where it dropped the wallet but not the keys, Clore <Herb Clore, president of the San Leandro Golf Club> said.

Golf courses have provided rich habitats for prey species during the California drought. The courses have water, abundant grass, and plenty of people, who discourage the presence of major predators!

Many golf courses have become home for small but healthy resident deer herds that have learned to never stray far from the course. Foxes, too, seem to thrive at golf courses, including those on the San Francisco coast. Golfers have sighted pheasants at Harding Park. Courses with large ponds have been ideal for migratory waterfowl and songbirds, especially resident Canada geese.

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