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A little good news: UC President Mark Yudof stepping down in August!

An August resignation will allow University of California President, Mark Yudof, to “surpass” (nay, “EXCEED!” :-) ) a 5-year term, which “…would make him eligible to add $230,000 a year to his pension from UC, which he would begin to collect when he actually retires from the university.

His plan is to teach law (he is a constitutional lawyer) at UC Berkeley until his actual retirement.

He should be able to live on the combined retirement. :-) Probably, some 99% :-) of us survive on much less.

Notably, Mark Yudof presided over the University of California system for five years DURING A NEAR-DOUBLING OF UNDERGRADUATE TUITION. (Another reason that some of us survive on so much less…! :-) ) As says:

As guardian of the world’s greatest public research university, Yudof encouraged the regents to raise tuition, some years by double digits, as the state reduced its funding by nearly $1 billion.

As a result, he was often the subject of student anger as protesters called for him to step down with their frequent cry of “Chop from the top!”

But the regents loved him.

“Since Mark Yudof’s arrival, UC is way better run today than it was years ago,” regent Dick Blum said at the regents meeting Thursday, no doubt aware of the announcement that his friend Yudof was planning.

Of course, the Regents also love Wall Street businesses, at least they love the money that the businesses represent. I still favor an investigation by California’s Attorney General’s Office into interactions between the Board of Regents and Wall Street firms that have cost California taxpayers dearly. quotes Yudof:

“The prior 18 months brought a spate of taxing health issues,” Yudof, 68, said in a message announcing his departure as president. “Though these challenges have been largely overcome, I feel it is time to make a change in my professional lifestyle.”

Unlike so many of us, at least Yudof can easily AFFORD his health issues. Apparently, the issues were not taxing enough to force him to step down immediately and forfeit the $230K! 😉

It is only a “little” good news, since we don’t yet know the name of Yudof’s inevitable, highly-paid replacement.

-Bill at

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