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Patterson Pass Road Windmills green

So many meanings, so little time…. When I first moved to California, I had the opportunity to make a customer visit in Pennsylvania, with one of my managers. Her comment was, “Everything is so green here!” I grew up in the Mid-West, where there is precipitation all year around, so I did not notice. She lived most of her life in California. One thing that I could not help but notice on the trip to the California coast yesterday was how green everything is right now, after recent rains. Soon the gradual drying of the hills will begin, revealing the moist regions, even at a distance, by the shades of brown and green.

The scene above, of windmills and powerlines on Patterson Pass Road through the Altamont, looks like this much of the year. California has two seasons, wet and dry, and the state really still revolves around water. At a time when “green” has become an advertising buzzword, hopefully not quite meaningless yet, it is important to note that, wet or dry, the scene above is really green, because of the focus on the fastest growing means of electricity generation, wind power.

Lastly, but not least at this time of year, with Saint Patrick’s Day coming up on March 17, I find it coincidental that my mother’s family came from near Dublin, Ireland, and that I have lived near both Dublin, OH and Dublin, CA. Dublin, CA already has its banners hung in anticipation of Saint Patrick’s Day and the wearing of the green.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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