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The LAA Spring Art Show this weekend!

I have been really encouraged and delighted this week by the tremendous turnout and cooperation of Livermore Art Association (LAA) volunteers working on the 2012 LAA Spring Art Show at The Barn in Livermore, California. Without commenting on any of the specifics until afterwards (Don’t you like surprises? :-) ), I’d like to mention a few of the heartwarming human interactions that I have seen in the first two days of preparations for the show this coming weekend, from 10 to 5 both days, with a reception on Saturday from 7 to 9 PM.

People handle stress in different ways! I commented about that fact to some of our artists, today! :-) Today, a lot of folks helped their fellow artists through stressful times and situations.

The most encouraging signs that I have seen over the last two days have been: 1) the large number of volunteers, as compared with some recent years, and 2) the generally “accommodating” attitude of most of the volunteers, who have adapted to working with the personalities of their fellow artists – personalities that are much more heterogeneous that those of some groups I have led in projects.

I looked around at lunch today, brought in by our Hospitality Chair. Everywhere in that small kitchen at The Barn were artists and friends catching up in conversation, engaging in warm hugs, and asking each other how they could help. I thought – some of these folks don’t see each other enough! :-) The Spring Art Show is a meeting place for REGIONAL artists, and the number of artists this year who are NOT members of LAA and paid slightly more in entry fees as a result, attests to that fact.

The most observant of you have probably noticed that I did not submit a blog entry yesterday, for the first time in a long time! Yeah, when I looked at the time after some signage for the show came rolling off the printer, it was after midnight! :-)

So… how is the Spring Art Show shaping up? It will be a WONDERFUL event, with what seems to be a more balanced distribution of media types than in some recent years, and a larger contribution of 3D and fiber art than we have seen recently, as well! The words of my friend and fellow photographer, Walter Davies, seem to hold true – the quality of the work seems to get better each and every year! Even after some artworks were canceled, there are still upwards of 250-260 pieces in the show (I haven’t had time to count again!) – a wonderfully strong showing! The amount of artistic talent in local and regional artists continues to amaze me!

The threatening rain today helped to smooth out the peaks and valleys in “receiving” and the “many hands” involved in all of the interrelated processes made for “light work.” I want to personally thank, again, all of the folks yesterday and today who volunteered and cooperated to accomplish a very large amount of work in a very short period of time.

Come to the LAA Spring Art Show in Livermore at The Barn on Saturday and Sunday. The event is open to the public and free. Bring a young artist with you!

You will not be disappointed!

-Bill at

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