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Consumer Reports: AT&T last in customer satisfaction AGAIN!

In an annual Consumer Reports survey of wireless providers in the United States, AT&T cell phone service received the LOWEST customer satisfaction rating, for the second year in a row! Consumer Reports, in an article about its survey to be published in the January 2012 issue said that a provider named Consumer Cellular topped the satisfaction ratings, and AT&T was at the bottom for the second year in a row. (Note added December 20, 2011: I am willing to bet [from some of my professional interactions with an AT&T precursor, when I was in high tech] that AT&T and some of its precursors like SBC and PacBell never IMAGINED that someday they would be “graded” on their customer service by an independent publication like Consumer Reports!)

The survey also ranks mobile carriers in 22 metropolitan areas, including L.A., California.

“Of the four major U.S. national cell-phone standard service providers, Verizon again scored the highest in this year’s Ratings, followed closely by Sprint. Survey respondents gave very good scores to Verizon for texting and data service satisfaction, as well for staff knowledge,” Consumer Reports said.

“T-Mobile was below Verizon and Sprint but continued to rate significantly better than the higher-priced AT&T, which recently withdrew its application to the FCC to merge with its better rival.”

Andy Shibley, AT&T’s vice president and Los Angeles general manager, said that complaints noted in the survey are not being ignored. In a separate statement, AT&T noted that over 1,700 network improvements were made in the L.A. area this year and that dropped-call rates in the L.A. area have dropped 41% in the last year!

The Consumer Reports survey utilized the responses of 66,000 of the magazine’s subscribers and focused on customer service and support.

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