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Sunny and warm in California

Today, as I ate lunch on my deck wearing an old pair of Netscape gym shorts, I wondered whether the storm that was forecast for the East Coast had occurred. It was in the upper 70s Fahrenheit outside my home.

Later, as I saw three shirtless boys playing basketball in a driveway on the other side of the street, I wondered again!

Tonight, I read that the vicious snowstorm that swept up the East Coast had killed three people and left 2 million people without electricity!

I spent much of this afternoon working to clean up the Cheshire Cat Photo site, which was hacked by Russians very recently. Although there were redirections to a Russian site that issues malware, the Google Safe-Browsing Page said that no malware was found on the Cheshire Cat Photo site, itself. When we have verified that all links to the Russian site have been removed, we will ask Google to review the site and drop its warning page. (Note added November 08, 2011: As I mention elsewhere on the site, only our Web site, hosted by GoDaddy on Linux, was compromised by a Russian attack through a WordPress plugin, 1-flash-gallery, which is often listed as one of the most popular plugins for WordPress! Our internal network runs on Macintosh, and it was just untouched.)

We at Cheshire Cat Photo extend our sympathies to folks on the U.S. East Coast, and we hope that it is very cold indeed where the Russian hackers live. :-)

-Bill at

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