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In Memoriam

In a business named after a fictional Cat, it seems appropriate to note the passing of a real one.

Today, a young cat, named Roscoe by my son, who allowed us to live with it (nobody really owns cats), choked to death on a small bit of food that went down the wrong pipe. Despite all efforts to dislodge the food by a variety of means, Roscoe passed away in our arms, the gleam of life in his eyes went dull while we tried to save him. Roscoe was saved as a kitten by my daughter, and later he used at least one of his 9 lives surviving a leap from a second floor balcony. My son worked hard today to save Roscoe’s life, but Roscoe’s time was up.

In view of my last “carpe diem” blog entry, Roscoe’s death today seems ironic. The fragility and shortness of life was underscored by his death.

If I type a little better after today, it is probably because Roscoe is no longer sitting in my lap, threatening to jump on a firewire drive. We will all miss him.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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