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Cal State University system raises tuition another 12%

What will take the University of California system THREE days to accomplish was done in ONE day today by the Cal State system – there will be a another tuition increase for fall, 12% more! The 23 campuses of the California State University (CSU) system will add the 12% hike to the 10% increase already approved in November for the upcoming school year.

Heck no that doesn’t include room, board, and fees!

Tuition for full-time undergraduates enrolled in the California State University system will now cost $5,472 a year, with fees averaging $950. The state funding that the CSU system will receive in the coming year is $2.1 billion, the lowest level since the 1998-1999 fiscal year. :-(

But CSU now has 72,000 MORE students than it did in 1998….

A third of the revenue from the tuition increase will go to financial aid.  About 170,000 students will be fully covered by this aid or other grants. (I suppose that “fully covered” means tuition, not including room, board, books, and fees?)

CSU has cut enrollment by around 10,000 students, cut campus budgets by $281 million, and cut the funding of the Chancellor’s office by $10.8 million. Of course, CSU has also cut the NUMBER of employees by almost 9% or 4,125 employees.

Remember that the last $4 billion gap in the budget was closed by “cockeyed optimism” with the assumption of increased revenues. If the state’s revenue forecasts fail to happen, CSU’s funding will be cut by another $100 million, about 27% less than this years.

Of course there is ANOTHER place that CSU could cut. According to CNN Money, California Governor Jerry Brown wrote a letter to CSU today telling the school that it should not pay its ADMINISTRATORS such hefty salaries, if it is looking for ways to cut costs.

“I fear your approach to compensation is setting a pattern for public service that we cannot afford,” Brown said, adding that CSU has proposed to boost administrator salaries by more than $100,000. “At a time when the state is closing its courts, laying off public school teachers and shutting senior centers, it is not right to be raising the salaries of leaders who–of necessity–must demand sacrifice from everyone else.”

The California State Controller’s salary database says that Presidents in the CSU system CURRENTLY earn salaries ranging from $223,584 to $350,004.

Heck, I could manage to live on that, even without the proposed $100,000 raise! :-)

-Bill at

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