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NickelAid: Keep California’s State Parks Open!

Californian (and other) customers who use reusable bags in stores contribute GREATLY to reducing the amount of paper and plastic that is used and help to lessen human impact on the environment.

Since California (Republican) legislators (Thanks SO much, Republicans! At least you did not SHUT DOWN  the state government, as has happened in Minnesota!) balked at renewing the temporary tax increase, forcing deep cuts in a VARIETY of services, the most important of them being EDUCATION in California, and which included the closure of some 70 of California’s State Parks (the list is here)! (Republicans, tonight, it’s YOUR turn in the “box….” The Democrats’ turn will come again soon – we are an equal-opportunity blog!)

Raley’s (and Bel Air and Nob Hill) has partnered with the California and Nevada State Parks Foundations for their new reusable bag program – NickelAid! When you reuse a bag at ANY of their stores, “Raley’s will make a charitable donation on your behalf of 5-cents per bag, up to $100,000 annually, to benefit our State Parks.”

Thank you, Raley’s! Most sincerely…. Other businesses that can afford the charitable donation – why not step up to the plate and follow Raley’s example? There are no shortages of areas that can use your help!

According to the Raley’s Web site linked above:

“You can bring in any type of bag: reusable bags, paper bags or plastic bags — whatever you have handy! Check the bottom of your receipt to see that you’ve helped donate.

We’ve redirected our former 5-cent customer discount for reusable bags to this new earth-friendly effort to benefit local parks because many of our customers have asked for their credits to be donated to a worthy cause. We believe this money will be better invested back into our communities through our partnership with with <sic> California and Nevada State Parks Foundations to help preserve several parks currently targeted for closure.

With budget cuts and funding for local parks drying up, many families won’t be able to take to their children to enjoy our local nature and wildlife. As a proud partner, Raley’s absorbs all administrative fees to ensure that all of the money raised will be used to help preserve, repair and maintain State Parks. By helping raise $100,000 to benefit California and Nevada parks, we can help preserve these local treasures for use now — and in the future.”

Needless to say, you can find reusable bags in the Cheshire Cat Photo™ Store on Zazzle®, available in a variety of styles, photo designs, colors, and prices (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. – but you get the idea! :-) ), to qualify for the program. Raley’s stores, which have been serving local families for over 75 years are proud to do their “…part to preserve parks in our Northern California and Nevada communities.” Cheshire Cat Photo™, “Your Guide to California’s Wonderland!™” is proud to be one of the sources of fashionable, environmentally-conscious, reusable bags that qualify for Raley’s generous program. For that matter, our reusable shopping bags are great in ANY state or country to reduce the environmental impact of paper and plastic bags upon your local economy, while spotlighting one of YOUR favorite vacation destinations – California! (Where else? :-) )

“Give the Gift of California!℠” and support Raley’s program to keep at least some of the 70 parks slated for closure, OPEN, instead! Thank you!

-Bill at

Cheshire Cat Photo™ – “Your Guide to California’s Wonderland™”

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