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Sunol Water Temple

Sunol Water Temple

The Sunol Water Temple is an classical structure located in Sunol, California. The roof of the Temple is supported by Corinthian columns, and the ceiling is decorated with paintings of women, some carrying water. The paintings are unfinished.

The architect of the Sunol Water Temple was Willis Polk, who was also the architect of Filoli, and the reconstruction of Mission Dolores. The Sunol Water Temple was severely damaged by the Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989, and restoration began in 1997. The City of San Francisco has authorized the digging of a gravel quarry in fields adjacent to the restored Temple. A new facility named the Sunol Water Temple Agricultural Park was opened adjacent to the Temple, providing space for small businesses and nonprofit groups to grow produce and serving as a platform for educational programs about sustainable agriculture and conservation, according to the Wikipedia article. Wikipedia also provides an excellent history of the Sunol Water Temple.

The Water Temple has restricted hours and is not open on weekends. Please check the hours of availability before visiting.

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