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Go, Go, Google!

The headline is, “Google plans biggest hiring year in company history.”

As I said a few nights ago, “Google – thanks for hiring! Somebody has to….”

When I think of all the companies that have chosen to sit on their assets or invest them exclusively overseas, at the expense of the American economy, I am even more thankful to hear news like that which Google released today in a blog post. In 2011, Google expects to exceed its 2007 hiring record in which the company hired more the 6,000 people! In 2010, the second-largest year for growth in headcount, Google hired 4,500 employees. Google says that it is “… looking for top talent – across the board and around the globe.”

Good for you Google! In fact, good for all of us.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog entry, Google recently ranked 4th in Fortune’s “Best Companies to Work For” list.

Google had its first and only mass layoff in 2008 – 300 positions in its sales, marketing, and recruiting units, which the company linked to the recession.

Alan Eustace, Google’s vice president of engineering, cited huge growth in Google’s Android mobile operating system, the Google Apps platform, and the Chrome browser as the principal reasons for the planned hiring. More than 300,000 Android phones are activated every day. The display and mobile advertising units have become multi-billion-dollar businesses.

Emerging projects also include Google Voice, an all-Web PC operating system, and robot cars.

Go, go, Google! Show your competitors how it’s done! And good luck….

(And a word to those competitors and others – don’t sink the ship [the American economy] that you’re riding on….)

-Bill at

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