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Year 2007 in California

As the year 2007 draws to a close, we all look back upon the year with different emotions.

I am certain that I will touch upon this theme in the days to come, but for tonight, just some initial thoughts:

– 2007 was a year of wonderful opportunity for me personally: a chance to grow and to apply talents and training to new areas.

– When I look at the collection of photographs of California from 2007, the richness and diversity of the state shines through. There is a mystique and attraction about the state that perhaps is most appreciated by those of us from somewhere else originally. I think that the ineffable attraction, along with California’s rich multiculturalism, are what draw so many visitors from other countries to California.

– 2007 was a great year for “friends and family” and for the pleasures of building a business. Not seeing some friends every day can often make us appreciate them even more. “Capturing” images of the beauty that surrounds us is a continuing source of inspiration.

– 2007 was a step along the path. Nature’s rhythms and continuity are continuing sources of wonder, even as human foolishness attempts to disrupt them. 2007 was another reminder that there are people who “get it” and people who don’t, that the people who say “got it” all the time usually have not, and that it very important (though sometimes frustrating) to keeping trying to get certain messages out. 2007 has reminded me personally that education and growth are ongoing processes.

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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