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I returned from a presentation at Livermore’s Library tonight about social media and marketing to discover on CNET that Twitter has unveiled a “faster, richer”

Cool. :-)

The presenter at the Library was not especially “turned on” about Twitter :-) but maybe the new Web site that started rolling out today will make a difference in her thinking. Or maybe not….. :-)

Of course, my perverse thinking immediately linked “richer” to the Monty Python sketch, “Upper Class Twit of the Year.” But that’s just me….. :-)

OK, so what was announced at the news conference in San Francisco today?

Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone spoke just before Williams announced the major site redesign to a packed house of technology journalists. The basic idea behind the redesign is to make the service easier and faster to use. Williams explained that 78% of Twitter’s active users go to to access the service, rather than use one of the MANY third-party applications for both desktop and mobile platforms.

Well, regardless of the presenter’s comments at the library tonight, Twitter has grown at “astronomical rates” according to CNET. Williams said that Twitter is adding about 370,000 new accounts EACH DAY, of which 16% of the additions are performed on mobile devices.

The redesign appears to be based on the philosophy that nobody should have to navigate away from the main view of tweets in order to view other types of content. With the redesign, looking at new types of content will merely open the sources in a panel on the right side of the page. Another feature of the redesign gets rid of limits on the number of tweets on a single page – users will be able to scroll “infinitely” (for you immortals) through their timeline. The redesign allows users to view their timeline on the left and new content on the right. stability was also a goal of the redesign. The entire front-end was re-architected using Twitter’s own APIs.

The CNET reviewer, although a “longtime” (in “tech” terms – how “long” is that? Weeks? :-) Months? Years?) user of TweetDeck, said that the redesign is a “big step forward” for the service. However, he left the question of revenue implications “up in the air.”

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