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Windows 7: Five quick fixes for “shortcomings”

I looked at the “Most Popular” tab on CNET News tonight and found this one from August 26 as the first entry! The article gives “Quick fixes for five Windows 7 shortcomings.”

Shortcomings? (After all that TIME…?) :-)

I could have done them all with ONE quick fix! 😉

Anyway, for those (mostly corporations :-) ) out there who are still running Windows, I offer the link to help, at least with the five shortcomings mentioned. :-) For all of the other shortcomings (like problems with Stuxnet), you must look elsewhere, but you’re used to that.

The CNET article will help you with:

  1. How to show the selected folder in Explorer’s left pane: Microsoft disabled automatic folder tracking by default.
  2. How to set Windows 7 to reopen folder windows to their previous size and location: Each folder window you open in Windows 7 adopts the size and placement of the last folder window you closed. :-)
  3. A free text editor that “outshines the venerable Notepad” (I always argue with people who defend “vi,” too! :-) It’s like “I really enjoy working with sharpened stone tools!”)
  4. How to supersize the icons and everything else on your screen: At least it won’t add calories!
  5. How to put all of your apps away with a single click

Amazingly, (to me) three of the five quick fixes involve using another app or utility! Shouldn’t these capabilities be part of the Operating System? I find it hard to believe that people still have to wrestle with such “shortcomings.”

So all of you corporations out there who have extra “cycles” between malware infections (at least those that you know about), you can now have your IT groups work on your “locked down” machines and fix a few more things to help your “users.” I am just glad that I am not one of them.


-Bill at

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