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Time Machine

Not all time machines are as complicated and sophisticated as those created by H.G. Wells or Apple®. They can be as simple as an unread book left to age on your bookshelf.

I admit that I own “unread books.” The one that I decided to read just yesterday is “Selling the Dream” by Guy Kawasaki, copyright 1991. First of all, I like Guy Kawasaki’s sense of humor, since I read his earlier book, “The Macintosh Way,” copyright 1990. At the time I purchased “Selling the Dream,” I may have viewed it as “For a Few Dollars More.” Since then, I have worked in Silicon Valley, seen the rise and fall of many companies, worked on site at Apple®, then Apple Computer®, as a Netscape® employee, and cultivated some wisdom that only experience can bring.

Guy creates endearing statements, like “Perhaps it’s human nature, but it often more fun to defeat bad than to do good.” He followed this gem with a footnote: “Or, maybe, it’s just part of my sick Silicon Valley personality.” How can you not love the guy? (No pun intended… :-) ) Perhaps one of his most endearing qualities is that he can actually see bad and good, which is not easy for a lot of folks in Silicon Valley. In fact, greed is not a good motivator for distinguishing good and evil, and greed is often the raison d’être for many of the enterprises of Silicon Valley.

Tonight, I finished “Part 1” of “Selling the Dream” – “An Introduction to Evangelism.” It will be very interesting, as I continue reading, to see which of Mr. Kawasaki’s statements have survived the test of time…

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo

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