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The Plastiki reaches Sydney, Australia

Back in March, I wrote about the “Voyage of the Plastiki,” a 60-foot catamaran constructed of discarded soft-drink bottles (more than 12,000 of them!), when the boat left Sausalito and sailed out of the Golden Gate. The vessel reached Sydney, Australia on Monday (yes, it’s TOMORROW over there!), completing an 11,000-mile voyage across the Pacific that brought attention to the way humans treat the environment.

Green technology aboard the Plastiki includes: flexible solar panels, two wind turbines, and a trailing turbine generation and propulsion system. The vessel also houses a vacuum water evaporator for desalination and a urine-to-water recovery system.

Banking heir and expedition leader, David de Rothschild, hopes to change people’s perception of garbage with the voyage. CNET points out that:

“Another inspiration for the voyage was the Kon-Tiki expedition, Thor Heyerdahl’s 1947 trip across the Pacific in a boat that was a reproduction of an Inca raft. Among the Plastiki’s six crew members was Olav Heyerdahl, Thor’s grandson.”

Congratulations on the successful voyage!

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