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Look! Down in San Diego! It’s Comic-Con!

Not everything is super-serious in California…. :-)

CNN is running a special section on Comic-Con, a convention about comic books that started in 1970! Over 30 years later, CNN notes that the convention, which starts tomorrow, appears to be more about TV and movie studios giving hard-core fans an early look at upcoming releases.

Nevermind that…! You can still learn how to “Speak Klingon and Influence People.”

No, the fans are NOT all from California! :-) It is an International convention!

One fan, Kevin Parker of Lawrenceville, Georgia likes to dress as a Klingon and associates himself with a Klingon house. CNN quotes him:

“Klingons are fun, the bad boys. Everybody loves to gravitate toward that group. The Federation is always clean and neat. The Klingons are like a gang of bikers. We cruise the galaxy looking for trouble.”

Where better than in San Diego…?

And where better to see Angelina Jolie, promoting “Salt…?”

And let’s not forget “Tron: Legacy,” coming December 17.

Thanks to wireless communication and social media, REACTION will be SWIFT! The above links are CNN’s reaction. What about closer to the event? The LATimes online has a snapshot of Odin’s throne from the film “Thor,”sent in by a visitor to the event.

On that forever-scrolling page linked above, be sure to scroll down far enough to see my governor‘s next movie, “The Expendables,” with (unbelievably) Sylvester Stallone and Jet Li and MORE (the screen will buckle from the egos alone)! Stallone and other “Expendables” cast will screen the movie on Thursday night for Marines at Camp Pendleton!

Further down the page, are 5 tips for Con-goers, including a tip for deodorant use!

So after all of that, what does San Diego have to say about Comic-Con? There are links to a survival guide, a guide to parties, and a link to a page that talks about the bidding war for Comic-Con, among San Diego, Anaheim, and Los Angeles, when the contract for the 4-day, 130,000-people convention expires in two years.

Two of my friends surprised me with an announcement that they would be going. I expect exciting stories when they return!

-Bill at

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