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Apple, and Macworld

After seeing the news at another source about January’s Macworld Expo in San Francisco being the last at which Apple will have a presence, I turned to CNET for Tom Krazit’s impressions. Krazit did not disappoint.

(Yes, I think it is a little weird [or eerie] that I wrote a retrospective piece about Apple yesterday.)

Of course, I will be attending Macworld San Francisco, as I have done every year but one for over 15 years. This one will be different, of course, since Steve Jobs will not present the keynote. I loved to watch as many “Steve Jobs Keynotes” as I could over the years (as QuickTime replays), because the man is a master showman, and he exemplifies the effect of preparation on presentation delivery. My blog entries about the 2008 Macworld San Francisco are here (1, 2, 3).

Krazit correctly identifies some of the key ways in which the world has changed, including some of the ways in which Apple has changed it, and speculates about future vehicles for the delivery of Apple’s marketing message. Krazit also correctly identifies control of the marketing message as key. Control was something that I witnessed during the year that I was based on site at Apple in Cupertino, as a Netscape employee.

So, read the CNET blog. Speculate, with all of the others, about what will happen next! :-) The economics of 2009 should not resemble anything that we have seen since the 1930s (before my time, BTW :-) ), but with the clarity of hindsight and the technology of the 21st century! America will also have a new President in January. The pace of technological change will likely continue to accelerate, as will global warming (at least for a little while).

In my mind, all bets are off!

Apple will do what makes sense to it, while hopefully avoiding some of the errors of the past. Krazit correctly identifies the “need to know” among the more obsessed of Apple’s fans. :-) I witnessed this firsthand while helping to bring up IMAP ((Internet Message Access Protocol) email at Apple’s>.Mac->MobileMe. The “users” can generate their own “buzz.” Marketing will still be necessary.

The world will be a very different place, but hey, it always is! Enjoy living the experience!

Just be glad that most of you are NOT working at places where (as one college dean once told me at an Excel class on Mac that we were both taking), “you can almost FEEL the ossification (definition 3) taking place.”

-Bill at Cheshire Cat Photo™

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