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Returning to their core incompetencies

It struck me today that one of the biggest “take-home lessons” of 2008 is that:

If the business executives are now seeking bailout money as the result of years of bad decisions made by management teams in one of their claimed areas of expertise (one of their “core competencies”, e.g., running a business), IMAGINE how wrong their decisions/guidance/directions/advice/suggestions has/have been in areas that they have NEVER CLAIMED as a core competency (e.g., communication, human relations, cooperative endeavors, time management, etc.)! :-)

Having failed badly at their claimed areas of competency, many of these executive managers should reinvent themselves and find something that they can do well!

Sadly, many of them never will (acknowledge their failure or find something that they can do well). :-)

Meanwhile, the rest of us will pay for the mess.

(Note added December 11, 2008: I read with a little amazement today that years of management incompetence can be used as an opportunity to cut worker wages! Apparently, asking taxpayers to bail out companies for their management mistakes is not enough! Never mind that the real income of the lower 99% of Americans has barely increased since 1980 as it is. It looks tonight like the United Auto Workers did not buy the argument, either.)

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