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U.S. mobile Web use? Mostly from iOS.

Oooooooooooh, LINE graphs! :-) I get goose bumps!

The iPhone and iPod Touch still dominate the mobile Web use in the U.S. (even without including the OVER 2,000,000 iPad users), but Android is beginning to take some of that share. (Android OS surpassed iPhone’s OS in MARKET share in the first quarter of 2010, to become second in MARKET share after Research in Motion [RIM]).

According to Web USAGE data released by Quantcast today, Apple’s iOS mobile operating system leads those of all other mobile devices with 58.8% of mobile Web traffic in the U.S. Android is running a distant second in Web use with 19.9%, followed by RIM at 10.4%, the favorite of Blackberry users like President Obama, and Republicans in California. (Come to think of it, a lot of “moderate Democrats” in the Midwest would probably be called “Republicans” in California! :-) )

Maybe a lot of folks just BUY RIM devices (#1 in market share) (… to look “cool?” :-) ), but can’t figure out how to USE them (#3 in Web use)! :-) Or maybe not…. (Note added June 25, 2010: It is MUCH harder to explain the statistics any other way. I knew some executives who had to have the latest smartphone, to look cool.)

From April to May, iOS lost just under 1% share, and Android gained 1.3% share, according to Quantcast. Android is gaining momentum with a number of different devices on a number of different networks.

In the keynote delivered by Steve Jobs at WWDC, he spent a lot of time promoting the viability of his mobile platform to developers.

Perhaps that is because he could not speak to the viability of the network. :-)

Without iPhone customers, AT&T’s subscriber growth for contract customers would have been NEGATIVE in April, according to CNET. (That is “business speak” for “they would have a net LOSS of contract customers in April….”)

(Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform must be “down in the grass” of the Quantcast line graph, under “Other.”)

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