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Roz Savage is first woman to row solo across Pacific Ocean

I noted that this is my 1000th blog entry! I thought that it should be historic.

Today, Roz Savage (aged 42), the British ocean rower and environmental campaigner, completed her three-stage trip from San Francisco, California to Madang, Papua New Guinea, and became the first woman to row solo across the Pacific Ocean! The CNET article has photos.

I found another link to this blog, beside her San Francisco starting point. Roz Savage was born in Cheshire, England, the daughter of two Methodist preachers.

Savage started the final month-and-a-half leg of her voyage at Tarawa in mid-April, in her 23-foot boat. In all, she spent about 250 days alone at sea, rowed more than 8,000 miles, and took an estimated 2.5 million oar strokes along the way. Savage journeyed from San Francisco to Hawaii in 2008, and then on to Tarawa in Kirbati last year, before completing the voyage to Madang.

Although she was not greeted by anyone she new, Savage quickly made more than 5,000 new friends as she was greeted by 100 traditional canoes and guided into harbor, where more than 5,000 people, many in traditional dress, had gathered at the entrance to Dallman Passage and the Kalibobo Village resort to meet her.

Less than two weeks into the last leg of the trip, Savage lost the ability to send and receive email and post to her blog. She called her mother and left voice mail messages, which her mother would transcribe and post to her Web site. Followers could track her via the Roz Tracker interactive map on her Web site, as well as through an iPhone app. Savage also continued her regular podcasts on TWiT, updates on Twitter, and on Foursquare.

Savage described a particularly bad day on Day 30, when she saw about 30 recognizable pieces of plastic garbage floating in the Pacific, as well as other, beautiful days.

Roz Savage’s true mission, however, is environmental. Her initiative for the year is to ask people to do one green deed each day. The initiative is called “Eco-Heroes” and allows participants to track their progress and even compete with each other. Savage is also raising money to start a foundation to support people who are working to make the world a better place.

Having rowed the Atlantic Ocean in 2005 and the Pacific this year, Savage plans to row the Indian Ocean next, starting from Perth, Australia, next year!

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