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Fundamental change

In January and March, I wrote a bit about the iPad and how, looking at it as a biologist, I view it as a “transitional life form.” I was delighted to read comments by Derek Lidow, CEO at iSuppli, and Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO of Nvidia, who seem to share that view.

(Since I cannot afford to buy an iPad now and upgrade later, I will have to wait for an appropriate “jumping on place,” when the technology is “sufficiently advanced.” :-) And when the networks are sufficiently advanced to support the more advanced technology…!)  :-)

A few nights ago, I was thinking about iPad and the obvious struck me. :-) (Hey, at least it strikes! That is a whole lot better than with folks who remain oblivious to the obvious! :-) )

The iPad is almost “all” interface!

Apple, master of design, and both software and hardware interfaces, minimized and de-emphasized the working “guts” of the machine, putting them in a very thin case BEHIND the user interface, which shares BOTH the input (eliminating a physical keyboard) and output functions. The interface itself is large and beautiful, and its form follows its function.

According to CNET, Lowe wrote: “Apple started by designing the screen, the touch pad and the battery.” Huang wrote, “All the electronics are now being put behind the screen.” These fundamental changes in design will have profound ramifications for manufacturers. The CNET article notes that the design changes ALSO will have profound impacts on processor design and function.

On January 28, I also said that:

“The performance of Apple’s stock after the iPad introduction shows all the earmarks of investors ‘stumbling around’ trying to make sense of ‘game-changing’ technology.”

The comments by the two CEOs above suggest that they might ALSO view Apple’s iPad technology to be “game-changing,” (which, in fact, it seems to be).

The fundamental change represented by iPad design may be one of those events in the evolution of technology that we will be able to see clearly only in hindsight.

-Bill at

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